Sprints at PyCon Australia 2011

Sprints will be held after the conference this year, on the 22nd and 23rd of August.

They will be at the same venue, the Sydney Masonic Center.

Doors are open at 9am and at least some of us will be there until 10pm.

What's a Sprint?

It's a bunch of people getting together to code.

It's your chance to contribute to the Python ecosystem under the guidance of experienced developers. All you need is a laptop and a desire to make some part of Python better.

This introductory video from PyCon US provides a good idea of what you can expect (although on a smaller scale of course) at the PyCon Au sprints:


How do I join?

It's easy:

  1. Register your interest by emailing pycon-reg@pycon-au.org, so we've got an idea of numbers.
  2. Show up with your laptop, find a project to work on, and have at it.
  3. Discuss the sprints at https://convore.com/pycon-au-2011/sprints/

Sprint Leaders

Nick Coghlan
Will lead those interested in contributing to Python core development, including new-comers. Please go to his talk at the conference for information about the many various ways in which you might be able to help.
Audrey Roy
Mediagoblin: http://mediagoblin.org/
Danny Greenfeld
Sprint topic to be confirmed but most likely Django related and/or Packaginator related.
Richard Jones
Improvements for the Python Package Index


  • Google Australia - Gold
  • ComOps - Solutions that work - Gold
  • Leading the service revolution. - Gold


  • Anchor - Hosting Heavyweights - Video


  • Microsoft Australia - Silver
  • Python Software Foundation - Silver
  • Enthought - Scientific Computing Solutions - Silver
  • The Intelligent Development Environment for Python Programmers - Silver
  • Bitbucket by Atlassian - Silver
  • The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. - Silver
  • Cloud Hosting and Computing, Virtual Servers & Online Storage - Ninefold Australia - Silver


  • GitHub - Social Coding - Internet

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