Last-Minute Tickets Available

We have negotiated extra tickets with the venue for anyone who wants to grab a last-minute spot at the conference. Unfortunately it's now too late for T-shirts and dinner tickets, so your ticket will include only attendance at the conference itself.

There are three types of registration - Corporate, Full and Student.

Corporate - $440

If your company is paying for you to attend PyCon, please register at the corporate rate. You'll be helping to keep the conference affordable for all, especially for students and those needing financial aid.

Government employees should also register at the corporate rate.

Full - $198

This is the registration rate for regular attendees.

Student - $44

For students able to present a valid student card we're offering this reduced rate.


  • We would prefer attendees pay by credit card.
    1. We use PayPal to process the credit card payments.
    2. During registration checkout you will be directed to the PayPal website where you will be asked to authorise payment.
    3. Once that's done you'll be directed back to the PyCon website where you will be asked to confirm payment.
    4. Once you confirm payment on the PyCon website PayPal will process your payment.
  • if you are unable to pay by credit card then you will have the option to pay by cheque
    1. this will only be an option to those registering over 1 week before the conference,
    2. details for paying by cheque are available in the registration screens.
  • you will be able to register for multiple people at once if necessary.

  • if you are a speaker claiming free registration then register normally and choose "alternative payment methods" and submit a payment change request asking for the invoice to be zeroed.


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