Conference Program

We have had a fantastic response to our Call For Proposals this year.

The Conference Schedule is now available. To figure out where things are see the floorplan.

Standard Talks

  • A Python on the Couch (Mark Rees)
  • Behaviour Driven Development (Malcolm Tredinnick)
  • Benchmarking stuff made ridiculously easy (Tennessee Leeuwenburg)
  • Bytecode: What, Why, and How to Hack it (Ryan Kelly)
  • Developing Scientific Software in Python (Duncan Gray)
  • Fun with App Engine 1.5.0 (Greg Darke)
  • Hosting Python Web Applications (Graham Dumpleton)
  • How Python Evolves (and How You Can Help Make It Happen) (Nick Coghlan)
  • Infinite 8-bit Platformer (Chris McCormick)
  • Networking Libraries in Python. (Senthil Kumaran)
  • Pants - Network Programming Made Easy (Evan Davis)
  • Say What You Mean: Meta-Programming a Declarative API (Ryan Kelly)
  • State of CPython and Python Ecosystem (Senthil Kumaran)
  • Sysadmins vs Developers, a take from the other side of the fence (Benjamin Smith)
  • Teaching Python to the young and impressionable (Katie Bell)
  • The NCSS Challenge: teaching programming via automated testing (Tim Dawborn)
  • Weather field warping using Python. (Nathan Faggian)
  • Zookeepr: Home-grown conference management software (Brianna Laugher)

In-Depth Talks

  • Ah! I see you have the machine that goes "BING"! (Graeme Cross)
  • Easy site migration using Diazo and Funnelweb (Adam Terrey)
  • How to maintain big app stacks without losing your mind (Dylan Jay)
  • Introduction to the Geospatial Web with GeoDjango (Javier Candeira)
  • Panel: Python 3 (Nick Coghlan, Raymond Hettinger, Richard Jones)
  • Panel: Python in the webs (Malcolm Tredinnick, Russell Keith-Magee, Dylan Jay, Richard Jones)
  • Pyramid: Lighter, faster, better web apps (Dylan Jay)
  • Web micro-framework battle (Richard Jones)

Classroom Track

  • Meta-matters: using decorators for better Python programming (Graeme Cross)
  • Python 101+ (Peter Lovett)
  • Python's dark corners - the bad bits in Python and how to avoid them (Peter Lovett)
  • Confessions of Joe Developer (Danny Greenfeld)
  • Python for Science and Engineering, Part 1 (Edward Schofield)
  • Python for Science and Engineering, Part 2 (Edward Schofield)
  • The Zen of Python (Richard Jones)

You may view your submitted proposals at my proposals.


  • Google Australia - Gold
  • ComOps - Solutions that work - Gold
  • Leading the service revolution. - Gold


  • Anchor - Hosting Heavyweights - Video


  • Microsoft Australia - Silver
  • Python Software Foundation - Silver
  • Enthought - Scientific Computing Solutions - Silver
  • The Intelligent Development Environment for Python Programmers - Silver
  • Bitbucket by Atlassian - Silver
  • The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. - Silver
  • Cloud Hosting and Computing, Virtual Servers & Online Storage - Ninefold Australia - Silver


  • GitHub - Social Coding - Internet

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  • Linux Australia - Run by