PyCon AU - Connecting the Australian Python Community

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If you'd like to talk about the conference we've added a group on convore.

Where and When?

PyCon Australia will be held in Sydney on the weekend of the 20th and 21st of August at the Sydney Masonic Center; 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney. We will be running sprints at the same venue after the conference on the 22nd and 23rd of August.


We now have some last-minute tickets available - see the registration page for details.


The program has been announced!


Raymond Hettinger. Raymond is a core Python developer and the driving force behind many new language features, including set objects, the collections and itertools modules, and generator expressions. He's also a popular and entertaining speaker who has presented insights from his unique perspective on Python at conferences around the world.
Mary Gardiner. Mary is a PhD candidate at Macquarie University whose main interest is computational linguistics. She also has experience as a senior level programmer, developing web systems and business logic in Python and is one of the co-founders of the Ada Initiative.
Audrey Roy. Audrey is a designer, developer and sysadmin. As an artist she describes herself as the world's #1 orange and rainbow specialist; as a developer she works on Django and Pinax and runs regular meet-up events for female Python programmers.

What Is PyCon AU?

Australian Python programming enthusiasts are continuing the global PyCon ("Python Conference") tradition in Sydney.

The second Australian PyCon event is expected to host over 250 Python programming enthusiasts. The weekend will see dozens of presentations on web programming, business applications, game development, science and mathematics, social issues, education, testing, databases, documentation and more.

Unlike formal conferences, PyCons are run by volunteer Python programmers; the users' perspective governs everything from talk selection to conference cost, making an exceptionally worthwhile conference. Participants themselves generate content, which can be as short as a 5 minute Lightning Talk, or as long as a 45-minute "How To" tutorial.

PyCon Australia 2011 will be a great way to meet other enthusiasts, learn new skills, share ideas and establish connections.

PyCon Australia is made possible by our generous sponsors.

About Python

Python is an open-source, dynamically typed, object-oriented programming language that can be used in nearly the entire range of technology applications. It offers an easy learning curve and access to a vast array of libraries. With implementations available for all common operating systems as well as the Java and .NET platforms, Python can be used on virtually any system in existence. Python's power and versatility have made it one of the world's most popular programming languages. Like other open-source, dynamic languages, it offers rapid productivity and a vigorous developer community; at the same time, Python's clarity and reliability give confidence to enterprise users.


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